Fast and Easy Flat Stomach Workout Plans

easy flat stomach workout plans

Easy Flat Stomach Workout Plans : Bulges can be beautiful provided they are in the right places but the belly definitely is not one place you want to be prominent. Human aesthetics is rooted in considering a flat belly as being a desirable physical attribute. It is also good for health to maintain a flat stomach but how do you do this when you spend most of your time sitting while at work or at home? Follow these fast and easy flat stomach workout plans.

Before you start

  • People become all fired up and enthusiastic when they start. However, they lose steam along the way. In this case, if you have a goal to get a flat stomach, make a commitment to follow whatever plan you adopt.
  • Workouts are not the only thing; you also need to develop a healthy diet plan.
  • You do not have to do workout in the morning. Any time you can find during the day is good enough.

How fast you can get your stomach to flatten out depends on how much fat is accumulated, your metabolism, your diet and your workout regimen. Do not expect miracles. It is possible to do it within a month but you will need to devote a lot of time each day, which you may not have. So think long term and get started.

Burn the fat away the easy way

  • Why does fat accumulate? Your metabolism slows down. You consume more calories then you burn. Remedy both the easy way with this flat stomach plan. You just need to invest some time and effort
  • Go for long walks. By long we mean really long, about an hour’s duration. There are no exercises that will spot reduce fat. You need to burn entire body fat and when you walk for a long time your body goes into fat burning mode.
  • It is the same with cycling. 15 minutes is not sufficient. You must go cycling for 15 km or an hour at least for noticeable results.
  • Jogging is, of course, a fast way but then you need to be in top shape. If you are older then this may not suit you like walking or cycling.
  • Swimming can be delightful and it can burn body fat too if you do it for a half hour or more.

Planks and crunches

Your abdominal muscles can do with some help. While your fat burning program burns fat you will find it beneficial to engage in planks and crunches that will sculpt and tone muscles around the midriff for that flat look. A typical plan for four weeks would be something like this:

  • First week: engage in planks and crunches with about 10 to 20 repetitions of each exercise with just two cycles.
  • Second week: Reduce reps but increase the cycle i.e. you do the series three times.
  • Third week: Increase repetitions and maintain the cycle i.e. 20 to 25 repetitions, 3 cycles.
  • Week four: Increase repetition and cycle.
  • Take care to rest for 2 days in a week to give your muscles a chance to recuperate.


Crunches firm up abdominal muscle. You can engage in a couple of crunches:

  • The simplest is to lie flat on the floor, hands behind the head and raise your upper body while keeping legs straight.
  • A variation is to carry dumbbells in each hand to increase the load and firm up obliques and abdominal muscles. Keep body flat and when you raise your upper body and bring forward arms with dumbbells, raise your knees to your chest.  Do 3 times, rest, repeat. If you feel pain, stop.
  • There are quite a few variations in crunches and curls that will truly help to flatten your stomach, provided you do engage in other fat burning exercises.
  • A variation you can try to tighten up lower and upper abdominal muscles is to raise your legs while lying flat, lower legs but do not touch the ground, raise and lower and repeat. You can also engage in bicycle motions.


There are quite a few variations but you can at least do these:

  • Get down on the floor your body weight supported by elbows and toes. Move body back and forth.
  • Introduce a twist by raising one arm and leg, twisting body to sideways position.
  • Hold a dumbbell in your hand when you do this.
  • Vary planks by supporting your body on knees and palms. Hold a dumbbell in one hand, stretch forward and extend one leg straight back up. Exchange arms and legs.
  • Support your body on arms and feet and then move one hand inward and bring one leg forward to make your hands touch your feet. Alternate hands and legs.
  • Assume the same position as above. Raise mid section, straighten legs and keep arms straight in line with your body so that your body forms an inverted V.

Planks and crunches do flatten stomach and make core muscles stand out so make them a big part of your routine.


Planks and crunches are fine for toning the midsection and for developing core strength but you really need to get into fat burning mode.

If you are fit enough then engage in aerobics apart from walking, running and cycling. Do it to the beat of music and it will be an enjoyable way to reduce fat and develop a healthy cardiovascular system. The best thing is you can do it at home at any time. Since aerobics promotes oxygenation you will feel fully energized and exhilarated. Do it for at least 15 minutes each day for five days a week.


The diet plan is the other side of the coin of the flat tummy plan; so give some thought and plan a diet that includes more proteins and fiber. If you give up trans-fat laden cookies, pastries, refined flour and sugar you will see results faster.

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