Cancer Promoting Protein Levels Reduced by Diet & Exercise

Here in this website we are going to provide you some important health tips. Today we are going to provide you information on Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise. Studies say that levels of blood protein involved in angiogenesis when overweight and obese women experienced weight loss through diet and exercise.

A damaged blood vessel will repairs and adds new blood vessels are formed.

Cancer is the most dangerous disease many people are struggling with this disease. Without oxygen and nutrients, both healthy cells and cancer cells cannot survive. These cells send out signals, called antigenic factors, and it is these factors that encourage new blood vessels to grow and cancer cells to grow into a tumor.

These Participants Were Split Into Four Groups:

Cancer Promoting Protein Levels

Calorie restriction diet group – intake of no more than 2,000 kcal per day that included less than 30 percent of fat calories

Aerobic exercise group – performing 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise 5 days a week

Combined diet and exercise group

The control group (no intervention).

Higher Weight Loss Linked With Greater Reduction in Proteins

High protein diet will help preventing cancer disease.  Lower levels of proteins will shows results on higher weight loss. This is very important that cancer patients must have to eat high protein foods and also nutrients food. Duggan adds that although exercise is important to prevent weight gain, and to maintain weight loss, exercise alone does not have a significant effect on the amount of weight lost by an individual.

“Our study shows that making lifestyle changes – in this case, simple changes to the diet to reduce weight – can lower the risk factors for cancer,” Duggan concludes.

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