19 Foods to Boost Bad Moods of Every Kind

Change your bad mood to good having some foods which functions in proper way. The happy diet helps you move out from stress feeling and feel good. Happiness plays crucial role in everyday life. Stay happy and wealthier by Looking at the below foods to boost bad moods of every kind.


1. Dark Chocolates for Stress

Here is the good news for chocolate lovers to walk out from bad moods. Chocolate has endorphins that help brain for refreshment process. Antioxidants are found in dark chocolates but not in milk chocolates.

2. Coconut for Better Mood

To get a better mood, sprinkling coconut flakes in a recipe is considered as the best way and it also tastes amazing. It contains high amount of nutrients which makes to push away depress feeling and make your mood much better.

3. Kale for Brighter Outlook

Try to have munching on some kale that cherishes your mood. This is the most optimistic way to lead happy life and change your higher levels of substances in blood.

4. Berries for Blues

Having Raspberries, Black berries and blue berries is the best way to change your mood right now because they contain anti-oxidants that helps to prevent oxidative stress.

5. Lentils to shake Low-Energy thoughts

Lentils helps your function of brain effective way and you will feel really good. It’s water soluble in fast way and helps in balancing the meal as well.

6. Greek Yogurt for Happiest You

This Greek Yogurt helps you to increase your calcium levels and remove all your stress feeling and changes your mood in short period of time.

7. Spinach for Get- Up and Go

Spinach will surely help you to knock out from waste funk because it contains some folic acids and phytonutrients that makes you to move forward in best way.

8. Salmon to raise your spirits

Make it as meal because Omega 3 has come up with clinical depression that provides great support from feeling down. It sharpens your brain and helps your hurt that reduces inflammation.

9. Peanut for Crankiness

If you love to have crunchy then have peanuts that has come up with nutty taste and makes your mood adjustment. You can have peanuts at snack time and avoid roasted peanuts that contain added oils and fats.

10. Beets for a Peaceful Mind

Beets contain betaine which helps to fast recovery of bad mood which is the powerful force to reckon with. It helps to enhance your mood in fast way and make free radicals in body and make some of the changes as well.

11. Tomatoes to Prevent Depression

Having tomatoes is the good thing that helps you to increase your taste buds and is linked to heart health and helps in cancer prevention as well. It must surely include in your regular diet that helps to get your mood better.

12. Swiss chard for Higher Energy

Swiss Chard is much better to have when compared to leafy vegetables such as Spinach and Kale. Along with it, you can also have cashews, pumpkins, avocados and sweet potatoes.

13. Eggs to calm you down

Eggs have come up with source of tryptophan that lays you to move from normal state to happy mood. You can have eggs as per your favorite style and have it as per your wish that helps your brain healthy and active.

14. Mussels for Better Brain

Mussels have come up with high amount of vitamin B which is the main factor to change your mood as per your requirements. You can easily boost up the energy levels by having natural food source.

15. Green Tea to chill you out

Green Tea helps you in wide range to chill out your body when you feel anxious or angry. Green Tea helps you to focus on one thing and makes you feel less anxious for coming event. It is with high oxidant content.

16. Water to combat Brain Fog

Have lots and lots of water that gives with high priority. You must surely have 8 glasses of water every day to maintain your mood constant.

17. Black Beans for Mental Sharpness

You can use Black beans that has come with mix of proteins, fiber and carbohydrates to maintain healthy body and state of mind.

18. Soybeans to just feel good

Soybeans are the most flavored food items that plays crucial role in feeling good and makes state of mind change.

19. Beef For Anxiety

Have beef meal to feel anxious but not fun at all. The B-vitamins in Beef really helps to make difference in the amount of anxiety levels.

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