10 Super foods That Can Make You Fat

Many of the people will not about what type of food that they are taking to eat. Without knowing about the food there may be a chance of consuming fatty foods. People those who want to get rid from the weight gain problems those people must have to consume proper food. Foods that make you gain weight are big problem for them. So we recommend you to consume proper healthy nutrients, protein rich food. It is very important to take care of your food when you’re in diet. Our body needs protein rich food when we are in diet also. We suggest you to consume nutritional food in your surroundings. Bad fats in food may leads to a problem of gaining weight. Choose your best low fat foods. Foods that burn fat will help you more. Super fatty may harm your health and body. It is very important to keep your body healthy and fit. You must and should foods for weight gain and also fatty food in your diet.

We are here to provide you some important fatty food those can make you fat. As a part of fatty food here we are providing you 10 Super foods That Can Make You Fat. We hope these healthy tips may helps you more.

1. Tea

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People who want to reduce their weight those people must have to avoid or lesser taking of tea every day. If you have a habit of having tea more than times a day, you must have to reduce slowly. When you want to reduce taking of tea you must think in positive way that you’re going to lose weight. Reducing or taking of tea will help you more in losing weight. When your stress try to spend your time in peaceful place in order to avoid tea.

2. Tofu

It is rich source of proteins, calcium as well as iron. Tofu is nothing but roasting of pieces of panner. It is very healthy but you have to keep in limit when you having this, because it is a fatty food which leads to gain weight. Especially we are suggesting this for vegetarians. The resulting dishes are ones that can leave you both sick and fat. If you want to enjoy tofu, make it at home and be sure to look for a package that’s made with a better-for-you coagulating agent such as nigari salts, lushui, or clean sea water.

3. Strawberries

Berries Basket of Berries

Strawberries are best fruits to get proteins. It has many medicinal values. You know what? Strawberries will help you to reduce some diseases like cancer cognitive decline. People who want to gain weight those people can consume strawberries.

4. Apples


Apples are best seasonal fruits.  These will help you in maintaining metabolism in your body. Apples will help you in increasing calories. We are suggesting for the people that you must have to consume apples every day. Even if you don’t put on weight right away, over the years as the chemicals compound in your system, they could wreak havoc on your metabolism and waistline.


It is mixing of fruits means it is a salad of all fruits. ACAI is the powerful anti inflammatory food, which help you to maintain metabolism in your body. Consuming raw fruits will help you to gain weight. They’re consuming it in bottled smoothies, sorbets, and snack food form, which almost always means they’re also getting a dose of excess calories and sugar that their bodies don’t need.

6. Nut Butter


Nut Butter will help you gain weight. We are suggesting to the people who want to get rid from weight gain problems those people must have to lesser these quantities. And people those who want get weight those people must have to consume in large quantities. If made with nuts, salt, and nothing else, nut butters are a superfood that serves up a potent dose of minerals, healthy fats, and satiating proteins.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the rich source of lauric acid, a unique medium-chain triglyceride which helps you in increasing frightening bacteria and also help you in 24 hour calorie expenditure in human. But add a few too many tablespoons to your daily diet and you can undo all of its belly-flattening effects because of the steep calorie count.

8. Avocado

Mushroom Avocado Omelet

Avocados are overflowing with good fats, fiber, antioxidants and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals that contribute to weight loss and improved health. But you’ve still got to keep portion sizes in perspective.

9. Olive oil

foods you should never eat

Olive oil is best oil to consume. It has many medicinal values in it. This oil will fight against the diseases. Consuming similar amounts has also been shown to aid weight loss. But eat much more than two or three tablespoons and you may find your pants getting tighter! Be sure to measuring your portions to keep your portions in check.

10. Bean Based Pasta

It is a rich source of proteins and vitamins. People who want to gain weight those people can consume regularly. Measure out your protein-rich noodles just as you would regular varieties and mix in lots of colorful veggies to balance the meal out and lower the cup-for-cup calorie count.

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