10 Healthy Foods That Are Not Really Good as You Though Off


These days each and every product is naturally marketed as healthy, natural and organic. Most of the Food companies are geniuses when it comes to marketing field but don’t be fooled by certain foods that are lauded as healthy. They are probably with empty calories where it is simply masquerading as being nutritious options.

Here are the Top 10 Healthy Foods that are not really good as you thought off

1. Veggie Chips

These veggies chips are simply called as Potatoes chips where some dehydrated vegetable powder added to it. This is probably the misleading food item and out of nutritious food list as well. These Potatoes chips are in the last position of ingredients list as well.

Most probably, the ingredient list is mainly organized in descending order that means the top of the list is with most nutritious food that plays a crucial role in daily life. These Potatoes chips are with high in the total amount of calories, sodium, the fat that shows a major effect on weight loss.

2. Granola Bars, Meal Replacement and Protein Bars

These bars are completely made of candy one which is not really good for health but it is marketed as a healthy option. The amount of sugar and calories are very high in these bars when compared with snacking item or light meal.

Before having this bars better you look at those that contains proteins, grains, healthy fats and little without sugar.

3. Pita chips and Pretzels

This Pita chips and Pretzels are mostly made with the high amount of calories as fried chips contain probably called as Potatoes chips. They have done with a few nutritious for the calories.

If you tend to have these pita chips and pretzels then select that contains 100 percent whole grains varieties and make sure that you are sticking with the correct portion size.

4. Smoothies

Most of these Smoothies are not really good for health and it is considered as the masters of disguise. They are probably loaded with high amount of sugar and often lacking in any of the fruit.

Most of the food lovers use this full fat ice-cream as the main ingredients and the fruit flavor comes from the fruit energy and not real fruit pieces.

5. Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes are the thing that tends to avoid being healthy always. However, it is probably made with the low amount of proteins and healthy fats.

This Rice Cake makes you raise with blood sugar in a rapid manner and then it just simply leaves by feeling drained and even hungrier in less time after intake.

6. Frozen Healthy or Lean Dinners

Usually, these meals are incredibly tiny and the first thing is that they are loaded with sodium and they are best when comes to flavor and texture.

They are poor in fat and calories as well. You feel completely full and satisfied when you have three of them but the next day you will surely face the problem of overheating.

7. Juice

Most of the people believe that fruit juices are good for health because they are made out of fruits. Probably, juices contain a lot of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and phytochemicals which are not good for health. Even if there is a label on the juices that it 100 percent fruit juice but also it contains many grams than soda.

In fact, as per the research, these solid foods are better that gives fullness and satisfaction feeling when compared to liquid foods. The best thing to do is to have complete fruit that gives you proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

8. Sports Drinks

While we are highly rich and top in many of the beverages, it is better to skip sports drinks. Unless you are athlete professionals, you are supposed to have sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade for replenishment.

These sports drinks are most probably developed for the foot ball players who can acquire more proteins that are needed to win the game with ease. As per the research, there is insufficient scientific evidence that sports drinks are aided with.

9. Hummus

Hummus itself is made up of the high amount of nutrients where most of the people have it in large portions as well. The two table spoon of hummus will probably come out with 50 -70 calories. You can enjoy the portion of hummus without taking too much amount of calories.

10. Flavored Yogurt

When it is true flavored yogurt then it probably contains beneficial gut health promoting probiotics. They are mostly loaded with sugar that contains more amount of sugar than soda.

Yogurt contains some of the natural sugar that comes out from the lactose in the milk that is made from unsweetened and unflavored etc.

To avoid these one must surely know these 10 healthy foods that are not really good as you thought off.

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