Will Donkey Milk Be the Next Big Nutrition Trend?

here in this website we are going provide you some important health tips. Today we are going to provide you people some importance of Donkey milk. Donkey milk has many medicinal values and nutrients. If you consume donkey milk it gives you more nutrients. To get the joke out of the way, it’s commonly referred to as “ass milk.” It is very old trend that has followed by the people to get nutrients. A Swiss company called Eurolactis recently announced they’ll be launching the milk in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

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It’s a (very) Old Trend

It is very old and tradinational way to get nutrients. People were used donkey milk is used medicinally in France up to 20th century.

It’s Nutritionally Different from Cow’s Milk

It is very different from cow’s milk in their nutrients. As compared to other animal milk donkey milk verity is actually nearer to human milk. Donkey milk contains less fat contents. And packs more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Donkey milk can be prevent you from asthma, eczema, or psoriasis.

There is Some Research on its Benefits

Donkey milk might help prevent artery hardening, thanks to its ability to dilate blood vessels. Another study, from the Journal of Food Science, deemed donkey milk a “pharmafood” for its nutritional, nutraceutical, and functional properties. After testing the product, these researchers has been concluded that although donkey milk contains a high amount of lactose, when it’s fermented into yogurt it’s a viable option for people with lactose or cow’s milk intolerance.

People are Already Drinking It

Although Drinking donkey milk is seem to be odd one to many of us. People were actually using and taking the advantage of having donkey milk. Italy is sold to pediatric units, for children who can’t consume cow’s milk. Not to mention, it likely tastes better than it sounds; many people say it’s odorless and the texture resembles low-fat cow’s milk.

It’s Part of a Big Beauty Trend Too

 Now a days we are having some donkey milk based beauty products. Many lotions, moisturizers have been prepared from donkey milk. Donkey milk for babies is available in the market. Studies says that there will be many products those are prepared from the donkey milk. I also read on various skincare forums that many people saw positive improvements in their eczema and with their sensitive skin after switching to donkey milk soap.

We’ll Probably See more Products to Come, but They’ll be Pricey

Donkey milk farms are also smaller. So the limited supply plus all those desirable health benefits will probably mean a higher price for consumers.

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