6 Warning Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Stop Fasting Immediately

Here in this website we are going to provide some important health tips in this website. As a part of important health tips now we are going to provide you some 6 Warning Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Stop Fasting Immediately.

Fasting is a way of digestive fire and burning the accumulated toxins from the body as well as the mind. Fasting prevents and eliminates gas from stomach and it is also promotes healthy body.

Fasting depends on type of the body. People with vata body should not fast for more than 3 days. Vata in the body, and may lead to weakness, anxiety, fear, and nervousness. And it is also same with pitta body. People with Kapha body type have the ability to fast for a prolonged period. With an increased lightness in the body, they feel pleasant and their focus is also improved.

Our digestive system will take rest during our fasting days. Below we are providing you some symptoms that indicate you need to stop fasting immediately.

  1. Burning Sensation In The Stomach
  2. Vomiting
  3. Unconsciousness
  4. Pain In The Stomach, Chest, And Abdominal Areas
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Menstruation

Burning Sensation in The Stomach

If you have burning sensations in your stomach notice that you have gastritis problem. Make sure that you have to take precautions.


Vomiting is one type of gastritis. Hence we advise you that you must not continue fast.


If you feel that you’re going to faint at anytime during fasting. It is an indirect indication that your brain is deprived of glucose since there is no supply of food to it.

Pain In The Stomach, Chest, And Abdominal Areas

Pain In The Stomach, Chest, And Abdominal Areas indicates that you must have to stop fast ing immediately. You must have to believe that your health is very important than anything


Diarrhea happens when you have something wrong fruit or fruit juices. It might also occur due to the quantity or quality of fruits or food that you consumed while fasting. Since fruits are cold in nature, people suffering from respiratory issues must avoid eating them.


If you are menstruating, your physical power tends to reduce comparatively. And if you’re fasting during that period, even a little extra physical activity may lead to an increase in Vata, which is not good for the body. Thus, it is better not to fast during your periods.

Fasting is great to your body , but make sure that you must have to send the proteins and  nutrients too.

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