Unbelievable! It’s Possible to Charge Your Phone with an Onion

Unbelievable! It’s Possible to Charge Your Phone with an Onion:-



It is possible to charge your mobile phone with onions. We often forgot to charge our phone in our busy life. So we provide you some important tips on how to charge battery outside of phone.  If there is no electricity then also you can charge your mobile charge without electricity.

In these smart phones has become tremendous improvement. We all depended on smart phones. So it is very important to have charge at every time.

These days has became like we did not leave our mobile. So learn how to charge battery without phone. We are going to share a simple hack that can solve all your charging-related issues. All you need to charge your phone is an onion, a screwdriver, and an energy drink. Here’s how you can charge your phone with an onion.

Charge your While Cooking Food

You can charge your phone in your kitchen too. Take one onion and connect USB cable to onion. The pan can charge any device that works on 2W/400mA, and it is estimated that the total time required to charge an iPhone using this pan charger is around 5 hours. You can save you time also if you do this.

Soft Drink-Powered Phone

You can charge phone your by doing Soft Drink-Powered Phone. One can charge their phone also by innovative ideas. All you have to do is pour the soft drink in a special cell that transforms the energy released by the carbons, sugar, and soda into electric charge, which can then be used to charge phones.

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