Top 10 SuperFoods Swaps for Easier Weight Loss

6. Instead of Guacamole

People can consume mashed beans instead of Guacamole. Mashed beans are very rich in proteins as well as fibers. It has dairy preservatives. Guacamole is very slowly digestible food. We recommend you to consume mashed beans instead of Guacamole.

7. Spinach


Leafy vegetables help to maintain good health. In which Spinach is having the special space among them. Spinach exclusively contains high iron. As per a study from the Department of Agriculture, USA Spinach contains 6.43MG of iron in 180Gm boiled spinach. It also contains the necessary agents to build the muscle such as magnesium, minerals etc. Spinach will also rise the energy levels in the body, helps in muscle building and development and also contain good carbs which helps in metabolism. So people seeking good muscle can have spinach often for 3- 4 times a week.

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