Top 10 SuperFoods Swaps for Easier Weight Loss

Top 10 Super Foods Swaps for Easier Weight Loss

Weight loss is biggest problem that the world is facing today. It has become major health problem for everyone. People must and should follow best weight loss diet. Fat burning foods are the best way of losing weight. Healthy diet is very important to your body because our body needs nutrients, proteins. So those people those who are looking for weight loss those people can follow some kitchen remedies for weight loss. We are here to provide you some important and best diet to lose weight. Low carb diet is the best of losing weight. We recommend you to consume protein rich food when you’re in diet too. You can these tips for effective weight loss.

1. Instead Of Cream Cheese

Consuming laughing cow light creamy Swiss cheese is best food instead of cream cheese. That means you can replace your food with another one. It is a healthier alternative to cream. Always look for alternative food that will give you best results when you’re in diet. It is very important to take care of food that you’re taking every day.

2. Instead of A Burger Patty

People those who are in diet those people can portabella mushroom caps which is of low calorie food. It is very low in saturated fat. And it is a great source of fiber. Make sure that you can consume these at dinner time.

3. Instead of Egg white whole Egg

There are more nutrients in egg yolk. Egg yolks have got a bad reputation now days.  It will digest very slowly. To avoid these kinds of problems people must and should consume whole egg instead of egg white. It is very recommend food for all kind of people.

4. Instead of Chocolate Cake

Instead of chocolate cake you can consume Vitalicious VitaTops. These are low calorie that you can consume at any time. VitaTops are very rich source of fiber. It has many preservatives and also additives in it. Pop them in oven for best results.

5. Instead of Peanut Butter

People those who are looking for weight loss those people must and should have to consume powdered peanut butter for better results. It reduces 16 grams of fat when you have. We recommend you to consume powdered peanut butter instead of peanut butter.

6. Instead of Guacamole

People can consume mashed beans instead of Guacamole. Mashed beans are very rich in proteins as well as fibers. It has dairy preservatives. Guacamole is very slowly digestible food. We recommend you to consume mashed beans instead of Guacamole.

7. Spinach

Leafy vegetables help to maintain good health. In which Spinach is having the special space among them. Spinach exclusively contains high iron. As per a study from the Department of Agriculture, USA Spinach contains 6.43MG of iron in 180Gm boiled spinach. It also contains the necessary agents to build the muscle such as magnesium, minerals etc. Spinach will also rise the energy levels in the body, helps in muscle building and development and also contain good carbs which helps in metabolism. So people seeking good muscle can have spinach often for 3- 4 times a week.

8. Wild Salmon

Any type fish is good for health as doctors recommend. Eating fish brings many benefits. Though, Salmon fish is a special thing that is packed with high amount of protein, Omega – 3 Fatty acids, EPA and DHA. All these hidden essentials are useful in health enhancement and bone strength. One more thing special about Wild Salmon is it increases the amino acids capacity in the body to control the muscle breakdown. Having Salmon twice a week is advisable to improve protein levels in the body, which often leads to muscle building.

9. Eggs

Eggs are very helpful in muscle building; they contain good fats, quality protein, vitamin D and nine essential amino acids. By having 2 – 6 eggs daily without yolk will helps you to grasp good protein and thus it leads to the muscle building. Also studies were proving that, the health will not be disturbed by consuming eggs daily.

10. Sweet Potato

Generally we do not prefer to eat the sweet potato much. It contains good fiber, carbohydrates. Sweet Potato helps to burn the fat, and helps to strengthen the energy levels in the body. Muscle building will often speedy by consuming the sweet potato regularly.

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