Tips for Leaving Yoga Class Totally Blissed-Out

Hi everyone here in this website we are providing some important health tips. As a part of important health tips now we are providing some important information about 8 Tips for Leaving Yoga Class Totally Blissed-Out. Yoga is the best natural workout for the people. I have been participating in yoga. I really wonder I have changed a lot when I am doing yoga. Some instructions to be followed while performing yoga.  Yoga is best to keep our body healthy.

“Savasana can be the most challenging part of our practice because we’re required to do nothing but breathe,” says Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, a yoga instructor who leads teacher trainings and blogs at Unlike other poses, Savasana requires you to quiet your mind and relax your entire body. Here are 8 Tips for Leaving Yoga Class Totally Blissed-Out.

1. First Things First: Get Comfy

Take one yoga mat and carried it to your yoga studio. If your studio is not allowing you bring take one lightweight sweatshirt to class. Make sure that before you lie down there should not be any disturbances or distractions. Keep your cell phone and watch away from you.

2. Let Your Hair Go

If you using any clip or ponytail holder in your hair just remove them before you lie down. This is especially important if you’re wearing a tight bun that could cause pain in your neck.

3. Keep Your Eyes Open If You Want To

Sometimes you may feel closing eyes is very difficult. At that particular time you can do it with open eyes.

4. Consider an Eye Pillow

A very good eye pillow is excellent for sevasana. It would be better if you use Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow. Between the calming scent and silky fabric, I am obsessed. It also makes a great sleep mask.

5. Picture Something That Calms You

It is very good your mind if you imagine your favorite colour in closing eyes. It sends you into a deep state of relaxation.

6. Make an Adjustment

Lying flat on your back in a traditional Savasana pose isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. “If you know you experience lower back pain when lying flat, you can place a bolster or rolled blanket under your knees,” make yourself comfortable.

7. BYO Essential Oil

Use BYO essential oil before you going to perform savasana. you can place a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball before class and bring it with you

8. Stay in The Moment

Make yourself to stay in that moment. when you catch your mind wandering, simply think the words “not now” as you exhale; then return your focus to your breath.

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