Nutrition Needs Before Pregnancy : Nutrition

Be Patient

A healthy rate of weight loss is around a maximum 1-2 pounds (0.5-1.0kg) a week. Your long term goal is to give any baby you have the healthiest start possible so use that as motivation. Losing any more than that will probably mean you are losing water and burning muscle mass rather than fat.

Eat Less

Your diet should contain all of the food groups, but less of the higher calorie foods high in fat, such as margarines, pastries and fried foods. Use a food diary app to track what you’re eating, so you can see where the calories are mounting up. Downsize the number and size of snacks. Swap at least one snack a day for a lower calorie piece of fruit, and use food labelling to choose snacks less than 100 calories or so if you’re trying to lose weight. Review and reduce your alcohol intake. At 70 calories a unit, alcohol is a high calorie drink.

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