Nutrition Needs Before Pregnancy : Nutrition

Don’t Eliminate Food Groups

So how do you lose the weight? Fad diets aren’t the way to go, especially very low calorie diets which may deplete your body of vital nutrients. Diets which eliminate specific food groups like no-carb diets aren’t going to do your body any favours. Choose complex carbs like wholemeal bread, pasta and rice, but if you’re trying to control your weight keep portions in check.

“If you want to lose weight then focus on doing this by cutting down on processed foods, higher calories, fatty or sugary foods and become more active,” says British Dietetic Association spokesperson, Priya Tew.

“This is obviously a time when a nutrient rich diet is most important so women trying for a baby should eat a healthy, balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, and include low-fat dairy products, beans and pulses and lean meat,” says Helena.

Priya says: “It’s not the time to restrict your calorie intake to too low a level but instead focus on finding ways to boost your antioxidant intake by eating a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables.”

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