Natural Remedies to Cure a Painful Headache in short time

Headache is the most common health complaint in human beings. Headaches can be caused at anytime. It is very common occurrence of health problem. Here we are providing some Natural remedies for headache to cure in very short time.

The following are some Natural remedies to cure Headache in very short time.

  • Peppermint oil (mentha piperita)
  • Contrast showers
  • Cat pose (marjaryasana)
  • Acupressure
  • Water

Peppermint Oil (mentha piperita):-

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil (mentha piperita) is acts as antispasmodic. The antispasmodic relieves the muscle spasms and tension. As a result of this action a person can get rid from the headache. Simply place 1 or 2 drops of this oil on the finger and apply it to forehead reaching from your left temple to your right and back again. And enjoy the relief.

Contrast Showers:-

Cupped Hands Under Shower

This is a naturopathic tradition in reducing the mild headache. Turn the warm cold water on for two minutes, then switch to warm-hot water for two minutes, and continue to alternate back and forth. The switch between hot and cold stimulates our circulation system.

Cats pose (marjaryasana):-

Cats pose

It is a popular Yoga pose that is used to control the tensions in the upper body. On the top of it boosts the circulation. This is very natural remedy to cure the mild headaches.



Acupressure is best Natural remedy to cure the headache. Use this Natural Method to reduce the headache. The following are some helpful tips

Between your eyebrows:

This point is also known as the “Third Eye” point in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Between, and just below, the first and second finger:

This point is called “Union Valley.”

Between, and just below, the first and second toe:

 This point is called “Moving Between.”



Dehydration is one of the reasons for causing headache. At that the once you think that do I had enough water today or not. If you don’t had water in sufficient at least have water at that time. It is the best remedy to cure the headache. Therefore it will be helpful to cure the headache.

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