7 Simple Mini Band Exercises to Sculpt Your Physique

Mini Band Exercises to Sculpt Your Physique

There are an incredible number of Exercises to work out and maintain your body physique, but only a few of them are required to achieve the goal. The mini band where the beauty is wide and flat is in their versatility. They can easily be packed up and carry as well. You can easily ramp up the intensity of varying resistance levels.  So, one can seriously kick your requirements. So, follow these greatest mini band exercises to sculpt the body shape and size.  

1. Pushups with Mini Band

Pushups with Mini Band Exercises

Pushups are considered as the basic and core exercise that shows the impact on the whole body and to add a great advantage, the miniband is used that takes to advanced or next level. With the help of the mini band, you need to grip the both hands with equal pressure which is tied to the fingers. Then wrap the band around the shoulders and now start doing the pushups. When you are coming to the floor side is, you feel that there is nothing but when you move up surely there will be extra efforts. Then tighten your chest so that you feel stronger which happens the same thing with shoulders and triceps muscles.

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