Healthy Meals, Foods and Recipes & Tips

To stay healthy people must take the proper food that gives more proteins to your body. So, here we are providing some healthy meals, food as well as tips. People can follow these tips to stay healthy.

Eat more Fish

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People must and should take fish twice in a week to stay healthy in which one of the time should be oily. You must remember that one portion of the fish must be approximately 140g cooked weight. It is the natural source of vitamin D that is very important for the bone health. The Oily fish includes the Salmon, Sardines, Fresh Tuna as well as mackerel and trout. You must choose it from the fresh as well as frozen. Smoked fish contains salt which is very important one.

You must have some of the healthy food items in which it provides more and more vitamins to your body.

Bean and Pea Tabouli with Char grilled Sumac Salmon

By eating this you will be getting 2081 kilo joules of Energy and gives you more strength. It provides 24 grams of carbohydrates.


You must follow the below method to make it. It is very simple and easy to make it. First of all you must take some water and also cracked wheat to boil it for some time. You must keep it in sim for 15 minutes. Then you must drain and refresh in the cold water. Meanwhile, you must combine the salmon, 2 tea spoons of lemon, sumac and also 2 teaspoons of oil in a bowl and mix it well. Cover it and let it be in chill for 10 minutes. You must combine the remaining juice and oil in the bowl. Cover all those beans and also peas with boiling water in the heat proof bowl. Let it be for 2 minutes until the tender crunchy. You must refresh it under the cold water. Then preheat this char grill on the medium. Cook the salmon perfectly and then keep it for some time until it has cooked very perfectly. You can take rest for 2 minutes. Peel them into large pieces and take of the skin. Then Place the cracked wheat, peas, beans, mint, zest, dill, feta and shallot in the bowl. Pore over with the juice mixture. You can now serve in the plates with salmon and have the good meal.

Greek Style Omelet

If you people have this Greek Style of Omelet then you will be getting 355 kilo joules of energy and around 9 grams of proteins. This method is very easy and will provide the more vitamins to your body.


First of all you must place the Spinach and a rocket in the large saucepan over the low heat. Then lightly sprinkle the water over it. Keep the lid on that bowl and let it cook for 10 minutes or else until the spinach and rocket fade. Then Drain and squeeze out the excess moisture and then quickly chop. Lightly beat up the eggs and also egg whites in the bowl. Stir this in the mixture of the spinach, shallot and then dill. Heat it on the non-stick frying pan and also spray with oil. Pour the complete egg mixture. Let it Cook for 5-6 minutes and that is top with feta. Pre heat the grill on the medium or else high. Cook the Omelet under the grill for five minutes or else until the golden and just it is to be set. After that keep it side for 5 minutes to cool it. Now, you can have it.

These above two are important recipe that helps you to stay healthy. By eating this healthy food items for the meals then you will be more productive as well as loose the complete stress in the mind. You can control the weight and you will be healthier. You will live longer and save the money as well. All this nutrients are very helpful for this happy life. It will be setting up your life for success. It provides the calcium as well as vitamin D to the body which are more important to the life. Eat well and Stay healthy.

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