Excessive Daily TV Watching May Increase Risk of Death : Health Care

Now a day’s online video steaming has became popular. people are busy with that. the term ‘binge-watching’ to describe viewing multiple episodes of television programs in one sitting has become popular,” Shirakawa said. “This popularity may reflect a rapidly growing habit.”

Author says that the people who watch Tv for longer period of time should reduce their time slowly. Those people has to follow more steps.

  • People have reduced their time by reading books and doing different things and works.
  • One should be very with works then you may not get idea on watching tv.
  • Travel more when you feel bore.
  • Go out with your friends or family
  • Make a good habit of learning new things.

The study recorded participants’ viewing habits before computers, tablets and smart phones became popular sources of information and entertainment. Authors believe new studies are needed to determine the effect of these new technologies on pulmonary embolism risk.

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