Common Discomforts During Pregnancy

during pregnancy

It is quite common for the pregnant women to have both physical and hormonal changes in the body. There are various symptoms that you can show up these changes. But these changes and symptoms are not same for every pregnant women and many change from women to women. Some women will have many common discomforts at the time of pregnancy because of these changes. To give you a perspective of all these changes during the pregnancy we have listed out few discomforts that most of the women face and they are as follows.

1. Vomiting and Nausea

In the first trimester, most of the women will experience nausea and vomiting and they are also called as morning sickness as these symptoms of discomfort will be seen in the morning time. But, some women will have both of them throughout their pregnancy. This is due to the changes in the hormone levels. This will even aggravate when the pregnant women feels stress, travels more or witch certain types of foods. But, with proper diet, medicine and rest this can be avoided.

2. Constipation and Hemorrhoids

With the increase in the pressure on rectum and perineum, the blood volume gets increased and they are likely to face constipation as there is a progress in the pregnancy and Hemorrhoids are quite common in the women with late pregnancy. But you can prevent Hemorrhoids by avoiding straining and constipation. If you are willing to take medications for this, it is better to consult a doctor and confirm with them. But, proper diet, exercise and a good medication form the doctor would solve this problem.

3. Gums Bleeding

As the blood flow increases during the pregnancy, gums will become too spongy and they may bleed very easily. So, it is necessary for the pregnant women to take care of their teeth, gums and for this you can consult the dentist for taking the regularly check up. But, don’t worry this symptom will disappear soon after the pregnancy.

4. Abdominal Pain or Swelling

This is as a result of the normal physical and hormonal changes that will occur during the time of pregnancy. A fast growing uterus and a developing baby will put more pressure on the organs that are surrounding and will move them to new place. In addition to this, hormone relaxin, will make the ligaments as well as pelvic bones to become flexible and soft which prepares for the birth of the child and this leads to discomfort. In such case, consult the doctor if your pain increases and get proper mediation or treatment.

5. Heartburn and Indigestion

Both of these will be caused by the pressure on the stomach and the intestine which even pushes the contents of the stomach to back up to the esophagus. Apart from this many other conditions will lead to this heartburn and indigestion problems. But, you can avoid this by reducing or preventing the easting of small meals in the entire day and also by avoiding to lay down soon after eating.

6. Yeast Infections

Because of the vaginal discharge which is also known as leucorrhea and hormonal changes, a pregnant lady is more prone to the yeast type of infections. This can be characterized as a thick white discharge from your vagina along with itching. But, these infections are known to be highly treatable. So, don’t worry. If you face this situation, don’t be shy to consult your concerned physician or a midwife and take proper medication if necessary as they suggest you.

7. Back Pain

As the weight of the women increases during pregnancy, their balance will change and they are pulled forward which leads to straining her back. This can also be caused by Pelvic joints that start losing to contribute for the birth of the child. Proper lifting techniques as well as Proper posture throughout your pregnancy would help you to reduce the strain or pain ion your back.

8. Dizziness

It is a quite common discomfort that the pregnant women face which is because of low blood sugar, low iron, dehydration, quickly standing from sitting position etc. To avoid this, pregnant women should slowly get up taking the support of wall or other equipment.

These are the most common discomforts and they symptoms that the pregnant women will have. So, check them out and take the precautions as necessary.

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