Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss

Hi everyone here in daily health tips website we are going to you provide some important health tips about the weight loss workout. Now a day’s many people are busy with working etc. so there is no time to take care of our health daily. If you follow these simple tips to be health. It may be helpful to you people.

5 Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss

Today in daily health tips website we are going to provide you some best strength moves for weight loss. If want to be healthy and fit you can these tips. it is very important notice to all the people is that make your health good and be fit. There are many numbers of ways to be followed to make your body healthy.

Now here we are providing some important news on Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss.

Below is some weight training for weight loss tips?

Your “Tone Up All Over” strength routine

Squat to Overhead Press

Single-Leg Dumbbell Row

Step-Up With Bicep Curl

Dolphin Plank

Curtsy Lunge


1. Your “Tone Up All Over” Strength Routine

weight loss workout routine

Keep your arms up move your body in this position. It is very important that you should not get any pain at heaps. You have done this exercise 2 or 3 times a week. You have to move your arms for about 30 to 40 seconds. So you get a really big bang for your strength-training buck! Have some water after you done with this exercise. This is commonly known as workout routines for weight loss.

2. Squat to Overhead Press

weight loss workout routine

In weight lifting for weight loss exercise one should start with their feet by lifting weights.  Squat to Overhead Press should not be more than 30 to 50 seconds because if you put your feet like that you may get pain while doing it.

3. Single-Leg Dumbbell Row

weight loss workout routine

It is a fat loss workout, take one chair as support to your hands and weight in another hand. Do this exercise for about 50 seconds with each hand. Stand holding a 5- to 10-pound weight in left hand. Hinge forward so back is flat and almost parallel to floor, rest right hand on a chair or low shelf for support. Extend left arm toward floor, palm facing in lift straight left leg behind you. Slowly bend your left elbow and draw weight up until elbow is even with torso hold for a moment, then lower weight. Do 15 reps, then switch sides and repeat. You can lose 5 pounds of weights if you do these exercises.

4. Step-Up with Bicep Curl

weight loss workout routine (6)

Repeat the above step by standing on chair. Stand with left foot on the chair or bench and also repeat the same with right foot.

5. Dolphin Plank

weight loss workout routine

To do this workout routines for weight loss take one yoga mat. Lie face down with toes and keep your forearms on the floor, pull your stomach in towards spine and also make sure that raise hips to come into low plank position. Increase your heap position and slowly come to same position.

6. Curtsy Lunge

weight loss workout routine (2)

Take a giant step diagonally. Back with left foot and cross it behind your right, bend knees (as if curtsying) as you reach your left hand toward floor on the outside of your right foot. And return to same position.

7. Superman

weight loss workout routine

Superman position is also one of the strength training for weight loss and weight training to lose weight. In this exercise Lie face down and look up keep your hands up and in air. And also make sure that you have to look your hands while doing this exercise.

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