Best Foods & Sleep Routine for Every Type of Child

The Best Foods & Sleep Routine for Every Type of Child, According To Ayurveda

Having Best Food and good sleep is always better for all the persons. One should have good sleep and food every day. Ayurveda is very traditional health system. Having good sleep at nights will help you in getting potentials. Foods to help you sleep, foods that promote sleep are best to fell into sleep. Having good sleep will help you in improving brain functioning. Nervous system is also get active when you have good sleep. Your child’s tendencies and preferences are reflections of different body types. And the latest understanding of brain development gives valuable insights into what your child is capable of at different ages. The two together—ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience—define brain/body types.

How to Determine Your Child’s Brain/Body Type

The Vata Brain/Body Type is Like The Wind – Always Moving & Changing.

It is very sensitive, restless and creative. This type of processes tends to have attention very rapidly. Vata child is good learner, fast learner and also they are very interested in knowing the things. They easily get disturbed.

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