Basic Food Rules for a Long Healthy Life

Hi everyone here in this website we are providing some important health tips. As a part of important health tips now we are providing some important information about Basic Food Rules for A Long, Healthy Life. Below are some rules that we have providing to have healthy living.

Health is very important for everyone in earth. A person should follow some rules to have healthylife. Many people don’t know that what rules they have to follow to be healthy. Here we are providing some healthy living tips. Within that formula, there’s room for tweaking and finessing according to individual needs and preferences, but the basic formula provides an essential framework for that.

  1. Eat breakfast, including good proteins and fats.
  2. Eat fruit.
  3. Heap on the veg.
  4. Get your “Goldilocks” level of proteins.
  5. Marginalize starchy carbs.
  6. Get good fats daily.
  7. Chew your food.
  8. Nurture your natural bacteria.
  9. Think about what you drink.
  10. Eat less junk.

1. Eat Breakfast Including Good Proteins and Fats


Breakfast very important for everyone because we keep our stomach empty for longer period one should have proper breakfast. Make sure that the breakfast should contain good proteins and also fats. this helps to slow the release of glucose; eating a sugary cereal is as bad as having no breakfast, since both ultimately lead to a deep blood sugar ravine, causing cravings and an ongoing need to “catch up” throughout the day.Eggs , seeds, nuts etc can be eat as breakfast.

2. Eat Fruit


Fruits are also very important nutrients. Make sure that add some fruits in your meal. Fruits will helps you to have proper food combining. Fruit contains antioxidants, plant chemicals, and great-quality fiber. We’ve been eating it for millions of years.  Eating fruits is one of healthy living habits. 

3. Heap on the Veg

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Studies say that we will get nutrients and other proteins from vegetables. Veggies are very rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins. It is very beneficial when you eat veggies. Vegetables are good nutrients to be healthy. When we eat veggies those will protects us from ravages of light, oxygen, and time as well as helping defend us from age-accelerators such as vodka and cheeseburgers.

4. Get Your “Goldilocks” Level of Proteins

If you want maintain your protein levels eat some protein rich foods. meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds, and pseudo-grains such as quinoa and buckwheat are some protein rich foods. We advise you that have some proteins rich foods daily.

5. Marginalize Starchy Crabs

Starchy crabs and even whole grains were not in the diet we evolved with; they’re part of a more recent diet in mankind’s history, and highly processed crabs such as white sugar and white flour have been here for just a nanosecond of our relative time. It is very good nutrient food.

6.Get Good Fats Daily

As proteins and nutrients our body also needs some fats We need good fats these are the beneficial ones, mainly the monounsaturated kind from foods such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts; and unspoiled polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fats. From this we will get some cell membrane structure, hormone function, immunity, gut health, brain health, and much, much more.

7. Chew Your Food

Chew your food properly as it is 1st step in digestion system. Relaxing over food also helps with digestion. Eating and stress are not compatible bedfellows since the body doesn’t like that particular form of multitasking.

8. Nurture Your Natural Nacteria

In these days we all end to lack good bacteria, and many have dysbiosis—too many harmful microbes and too few “friendly” ones. People should have mainly fibers from plant foods.

9. Think about What You Drink

Drinking something is also one of the healthy tip to be followed by the people. Have some nutrient drink to be healthy. We all know that sugary drinks are bad. The good drinks are water, herb tea, green tea, and possibly small amounts of organic red wine.

10. Eat less junk

Try to lesser your junk foods. Because all the junk food contain some unwanted fats and the bad stuff. Banning ourselves from having certain things often makes us want them more.

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