Banana Peel Mask For Sun Protection


Here we provide some uses and benefits of Banana peel. Most of the people will suffer from sun rays. They will skin diseases when they hurt by sun rays. Here we are providing some beautiful tips using banana. You know what? face pack using banana is very useful when you use it properly.

Banana peel is rich in lutein. Lutein is a natural sunscreen agent that shields the skin against sun damage. So, we recommend you use this banana pack for face to protect your face from bad sun rays. Here we are providing description of how make this Banana Peel Mask for Sun Protection?

Ingredients Required:

Banana peel



Procedure to Make:

To make this banana peel mask for sun protection, Use a spoon to collect the pulp from the banana peel and place it in a bowl and Mix curd and water with it to make a fine paste. After that you apply this mixture on face and neck for 15 minutes. After 15 or 20 minutes Rinse with tap water. Try to Use every day before you step out in the sun.

Within few days you can find the differences. This is very beneficial and natural homemade remedy for the people who want to protect their skin from sun rays.


Lutein in banana peel repairs the skin and protects it from sun damage. It hampers the over secretion of melanin. Hence, it clears pigmentation caused due to sun damage.

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