8 Awesome & Stunning Running Locations In The World


Runners are considered as lucky because they do not need lots of equipment and special courts. You can easily run as the way you wished for by taking out some fresh air. Here is the good news for all the runners so go through the entire article to know the stunning running locations in the world. One must surely try the running in the below-given places to feel the amazing moment.

Amazing Running Locations in the World: Here you go

1. Saviese, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

You have to surely give a try out for peace and quiet place called as Saviese Retreat Location which is located in Swiss Alps. This place is considered as the runner’s paradise and of course, it is the best place for runners to face challenges will love. Saviese is the rustic terrain littered with thick tree roots and uneven ground.

2. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This Cliffs of Moher is considered as the signature discovery point at the heart of Ireland’s wild Atlantic way. It is the most natural, rugged, breathtaking and panoramic. You can enjoy the place with multi-faceted experience with Ireland’s incredible west coast. It is the best spot for the runners that is with natural richness. This is jagged, craggy stretch and looming with 214 meters high above the Atlantic ocean to have wonderful surroundings. This is the moss- green cliffs and vibrant and completely filled with blue ocean.

3. Kyoto, Japan

People who would like to run with amazing perfume air and sight of delicate cherry blossoms with fully bloomed overhead. This Kyoto place which is located in Japan is the best one. It will be more amazing when you run along the Kyoto’s Kamogawa River in the spring season. In this lane, there will not be any high traffic and it is probably stretched with 13.5 miles of level distance. Mild temperatures in the Autumn season will be splendid and you can also see plenty of shades along the entire peaceful river route.

4. Joshua Tree, California

It is considered as one of the best places for the runners that are probably with eight hundred thousand acres of twisted trail awaits. It is an amazing place for the beginners in this South Western California’s Joshua Tree National Park. You can have an amazing view of stunning Joshua Tree where you will probably get the feeling that is connected to the spirit of this natural habit. Spanning the Mojave and Colorado deserts where you can highly enjoy the scenery, rock climb and camp along the serene route.

5. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

This is the most stunning place that is renowned as runner’s paradise or surfer’s paradise. It is almost situated in 15 miles of Syndey Australia’s stunning coastline. You can have a unique experience of running on the cement walks, wooden walks or else rustic stone steps. You can really have a great running experience from tourist shopping and taking the energy to locals by enjoying leisure sports. You can also view their artist’s paintings murals along with waterfront.

6. Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California

You can have amazing running experience at the ocean side where you can easily mark the distance with palm trees on a run through Santa Monica’s famed boardwalk. This running terrain is really made for the masses. It will be the best walking place for the power walkers to dog walkers and from roller bladders to runners. It is entirely covered with broadwalk area, sand and grassy expanses that provide with a great arena for getting your sweat on any time of the day.

7. Olfusa River, Reykjavik, Iceland

This is the most amazing place where you can feel this trek along the Olfusa River. It is an epic in nature that takes running to the other world. It is the magical realm of Reykjavik, Iceland and it is completely surrounded by lush green hills, majestic mountains, and tumbling waterfalls. You need not worry about chilling out, half a year with mild temperature and remaining covered with cold. The river will be surrounded by rolling mountains and hills with entire natural geysers. You can also catch out of exotic birds and wildlife along your route.

8. Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

It is complete with history and impressive gothic style architecture. It is probably located on the Duke University campus which is located in Durham, North Carolina is the maze of green. There are enormous running options that are from lush gardens to protect forest to rolling golf courses through rustic dirt and stone trails. There are many different scenes where you can choose as per your own choice. This pretty Sarah P. Duke Garden is with 55 acres of botanical beauty and 5 miles of dirt trail.

So, you can simply give a try out this Awesome and Stunning Running location in the World.

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