5 Simple Steps to make Bitter Guard Juice for Diabetes

Simple Steps to make Bitter Guard Juice for Diabetes

Here you are at the right place to get the best answer for people suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is considered as the most common disease that most of the peoples are suffering today. It can also be the life-threatening situations with monitored and controlled way. They are three types of diabetes that affect the body.

The Bitter Gourd Juice helps for the diabetes patients a lot from curing the disease in the best way. Bitter Gourd is best for all and is the commonly known as Karela in India households. It is with high bitter taste and it is not a much-loved vegetable by the people. It contains some hypoglycemic substance that plays a crucial role in bringing down sugar levels and urine sugar levels. Eating the raw bitter guard is the best thing to have high impact in reducing levels and the body assimilates in an effective manner. You can even gain a high amount of nutrition level by having juice daily.

5 Simple Steps to for Making of Bitter Guard Juice

To have best results for diabetic’s patience, you should surely have a glass of bitter guard juices early in the morning with empty stomach. You can easily make the Bitter Guard juice in the home to have best results. Here go the 5 simple steps to make at home.

  • First, you must take fresh bitter guard and few lemons and you can add a little bit of turmeric to make the juice most effective as well.
  • Wash the bitter guard in fresh water and peel it off the top skin.
  • Cut it into fine pieces and apply salt by rubbing it with turmeric and keep it for some time. Afterward extract bitter juice from it.
  • After watching the water strained out of karela crush the pieces and mix it properly in the best
  • You can have the full juice with fiber and then add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to taste it well with the tangy

Major Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes

It is the wide usage of the traditional way to treat diabetics patient and you can have it as tea, juice and some pills with the lack of proven data.

  • It mainly lowers Blood Glucose Levels
  • Facilitates carbohydrates digestion
  • Increases insulin secretion
  • Reverses Insulin Resistance
  • Anti-oxidants Properties

Way of Taking Bitter Guard Juice for Diabetics

Drinking a glass of bitter guard juice in the morning with empty stomach helps a lot to lower the blood glucose levels. To reduce the bitterness of karela, you can soak it in the water with turmeric or salt adding it for 15 minutes and leave it. You can also add half piece of amla or Indian gooseberry to the juice. TO have healthier life drink the juice daily to solve issues. This is also called as bitter melon that contains a lectin which plays a major role in reducing blood glucose concentrations by action on peripheral tissues and suppressing appetite that shows similar effects on insulin to the brain. Have a bright journey towards wonderful great relation with bitter guard juice and diabetes.

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