15 Healthy Eating Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

The metabolism rate is partly ruled by genetics. It is mostly the set of life sustaining chemical transformations within the cell of organism. It is the natural and metabolism boosting or energy enhancing properties over others. Maintain certain diet and lose your weight by having the below food items that are mentioned clearly. It is mostly to achieve and combined with an healthy diet and regular exercise.

The List of the Best Foods Items That Boost Your Metabolism Rates

1. Green Tea

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It is mostly credited by the numerous scientific studies with accelerating metabolism. Green tea is the naturally metabolism in revving foods. It helps in great weight loss which is rich in antioxidant content that protects the body from disease causing radicals that is linked to prostate and breast cancers.


2. Spices

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Spices are very rich in accelerating the metabolic rates in the body. Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, chilli powder and even the ground ginger is one of the important thing with these spices. To increase or boost energy levels, it is better to intake always.

3. Nuts and Seeds

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Consuming the nut and seeds in high quantity surely helps to increase metabolism rates and boost energy levels. It contains high quantity of omega 3 fatty acid helps you in lowering reptin and indirectly leads to faster metabolism.


4. Fatty Fish

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This fatty fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and has great effects on metabolism rates. It is mainly responsible to lowering the levels of leptins in the human body. Women reduced their leptin levels by up to 5-percent.

5. Hemp and Flax seeds Oil

Hemp oil and flax seed oil can be incorporated into cooking, smoothies and also baking as healthy sources of essential fatty acids. It is highly rich in boosting metabolism and is also great for skin, nails, and hair.


6. Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

This hot peppers are mostly in speeding up of both blood circulation and metabolism rate. It is completely like dried species, raw and cooked hot peppers like jalapeno and habanero that cause metabolism to spike naturally. It mainly reduces appetite carvings because it is rich in capsaicin. This is naturally a compound that speeds up both blood circulation and metabolism rates.

7. Water


Having lots of water daily in the early morning is the best thing to maintain high resistance levels and boost metabolism rates. It is best to have 7 litres of water a day to increase the metabolism rates of 30 percent for both males and females.


8. Apples


There is a thought that an apples keeps an doctor away. It ensures to keeps the weight off, according to a study from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Researchers monitored the diets of a group of women. They surprisingly discovered that females who made it a point to eat 3 small apples (or pears) daily also shed significantly more weight vs. women who didn’t munch on the fruit.

9. Almonds

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Almonds are highly rich in calcium and nutrients that mainly helps in strengthening bones and now credited with weigh control. It also mainly lowers the calcium diets and boost metabolism rates.


10. Broccoli


Broccoli plays an important role in the natural cleansing process and also weight management. It is highly rich in vitamins A, C and K antioxidants, dietary fiber and folate. It is the most weigh maintaining foods when compared to other foods items.

11. Citrus Fruits

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The study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research is that it is monitored the insulin levels of 84 patients with type II diabetes over a 6-week period. They discovered that those patients who took a 1,000-milligram supplement of vitamin C had fewer spikes in blood sugar and slimmer waistlines. This diet is highly rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting metabolism rates.


12. Whole Grains

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Whole grains are the naturally occurring nutrients that are from bran, germ and endosperm when compared to other refined grains. Due to the stabilization of higher insulin levels, it leads to higher metabolism rates.

13. Dried Beans

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Dried beans are mostly the refined beans that makes your favorite and healthier Mexican inspired meals. It keeps on maintain the insulin levels  and naturally stores less fat.


14. Berries

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They are many types of berries like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries that keepson going naturally sweet. It is the mostly dessert snack that are highly rich in anthocyanins and water soluble vacuolar. Raspberris and Straw berries are highly rich in micronutrients and polyphenols that reduces the body absorption of fats and starches. It can help a lot in weight loss.

15. Say No Sugar

The one of the easiest and best way to boost your metabolism and aid your weight loss efforts is to say no to foods and drinks that are high in refined sugar. Stop eating candy, sodas, baked goods, processed snacks and sugar-infused coffees and teas.

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