10 Super foods That Can Make You Fat

2. Tofu

It is rich source of proteins, calcium as well as iron. Tofu is nothing but roasting of pieces of panner. It is very healthy but you have to keep in limit when you having this, because it is a fatty food which leads to gain weight. Especially we are suggesting this for vegetarians. The resulting dishes are ones that can leave you both sick and fat. If you want to enjoy tofu, make it at home and be sure to look for a package that’s made with a better-for-you coagulating agent such as nigari salts, lushui, or clean sea water.

3. Strawberries

Berries Basket of Berries

Strawberries are best fruits to get proteins. It has many medicinal values. You know what? Strawberries will help you to reduce some diseases like cancer cognitive decline. People who want to gain weight those people can consume strawberries.

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