10 Super Foods That Boost Immunity System

There are 10 Plant- Based Foods that will give best immunity power to body. Those 10 plant based foods and their uses are mentioned in the following

1. Garlic

worlds best healthy food

The Garlic is the best plant based food that gives best immunity power to the body. Garlic gives an activity of white blood cells to prevent cold and flu viruses. It also activates the other immune cells which fight viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. If the person get cold and flu viruses those persons can use garlic to prevent the cold. Garlic gives 100 percent result from the human rhinovirus, which causes colds, common flu, and respiratory viruses.

Garlic prevents the diseases like cold and flu because when we cut the garlic it releases allicin. It will be released by chopping, chewing and crushing the raw cloves. Freshly chopped garlic is kept aside for 10 minutes and the allow that to cook. And also sprinkle it over the food as decoration drop it into soup, or swallow bits of garlic with some water like a pill. We can also drop a clove of garlic into some honey and swallow it immediately for quick dos that taste good. It is very beneficial when we use the plant based food other than tablets.

2. Onions

super foods that boost immunity

As garlic onion is also best for the plant based diet. Onions also releases allicin like garlic and also onion is having quercetin. Onion is the best nutrient and gives the immunity power to body. The pungency of onions increases our blood circulation and makes you sweat. Onion is helpful in cold weather. Now a days onions has became as a favorite plant based food to everyone. If we have Chopped onions in favorite soup or cooked recipe is a great way to enjoy them. If you keep onions in your bedroom while sleeping it helps in absorbing the bacteria and decreases the symptoms of your cold. Consuming raw onion within a few hours of the first symptoms of a cold or flu produces a strong immune effect.

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